Marximus has approximately 20 years experience in professional software engineering/programming/coding — about 10 years in the video game industry and about another 10 years in the general software industry (including quite a bit of time in FAANG). Prior to that he did another 10 years of non-professional coding (during coursework and working in IT). 

A lifelong learner, sometimes Marximus calls his brain a sponge — it just soaks up all the knowledge and information it can that it comes across. He enjoys passing on this knowledge.

Also a lifelong gamer, he has been playing video games since he could first hold a controller. (Technically, his mother craved Atari while pregnant, so maybe before he could hold a controller?)

Marximus is also a lifelong maker — taking things apart to learn how they work and putting them back together better than before, likely over-engineering them in the process! They even usually work afterwards!